Friday, December 07, 2012

Island Crab Feed and my checkered past

Photo by BrendaLou Scott
Last Saturday, I attended the Island's Annual Crab Feed benefiting the Santa Sack program. There were hundreds of people in Scout Hall (our community center). The Santa Sack program gives gifts to needy children in the Bethel Island area and holds a Christmas party for them.

The Hall was so full and I wandered around looking for someone I knew. People come from neighboring towns for this delicious event. I did not see a familiar face (except my friends tending bar, collecting 212 tickets, and helping in the kitchen). After fifteen minutes I had almost decided to leave and go home. Then I spotted a quilting friend, Maxine. Whew, I had a dinner companion.

We had all the crab we could eat. The servers were high school students doing their community service work. They kept the huge platters of crab, French bread, and melted butter coming without a moments pause. They also kept the waste buckets coming for the empty crab shells. There was pineapple upside-down cake for dessert. What good workers they were.

As I was getting dressed before the event, I pulled on a favorite pair of black and white houndstooth wool pants, and thought, "I've had these pants for a long time." I pulled on a black jersey from my high school class reunion in 2008. I spiffed up the outfit with my brand new red corduroy Big Shirt from L.L. Bean.

Yesterday, I was looking through some old photos trying to find pictures I could use to promote my 40th anniversary reprint of my little Spinning with a Drop Spindle booklet. One photo surprised me.

There I was in 1974, spinning on my spindle wearing the same houndstooth pants. Yes, I realized I've worn these pants for at least 38 years!

So, if you know any knitters that might enjoy spinning their own yarn, click on the cover picture and get them a nice little Christmas present. It's time for me to get a new pair of pants!

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