Friday, January 12, 2007

Let's Get Sewing

I heard a funny noise coming from my sewing room (aka quilt studio). I thought perhaps I had left one of the cats in there when I closed the door last night. When I looked in I saw my faithful 1950’s Singer 301 working away all by itself.

The machine is trying to tell me something – “Let’s get sewing!”



Blogger Dianne said...

Hey, Christine,

Just found your glad to read it! I bought your bookcase pattern when I lived in Pioneer, in the Sierra Foothills, a few years ago, and made a quilt for my FIL, which he loved. Now I live in Australia (DH is an Aussie) and am really enjoying the whole blog thing...keeps me connected. I still read the Delphi Forum hosted by Susan Druding, and that's where I found the link to your blog.

Isn't this a wonderful world?

2:20 AM  

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