Sunday, October 05, 2008

Business cards

I printed some business cards to hand out at my class reuion next Friday.
I've heard of Moo Cards, but I didn't have time to send away for them. Maybe I'll try that later.

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Blogger QuiltingFitzy said...

They're cute! They'll prove to be a handy item for sure.

What did you do with all your lil peoples? Would love to see your project.

4:50 AM  
Blogger Tanya Brown said...

These are great - clever and very memorable. I predict that they'll be a hit.

7:55 AM  
Blogger Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Your business cards are loaded with personality! Love the red shoes.

8:01 AM  
Blogger jpsam said...

Looks like you could start your own mini-card operation! Well done!

9:27 AM  
Blogger Del said...

Great cards, very memorable. Do you wear red shoes?

9:47 AM  
Blogger Christine Thresh said...

Yes, I wear red shoes. I am planning on wearing them at the pre-reunion luncheon on Thursday.

11:08 AM  
Blogger meggie said...

Love those cards. What a clever idea.

3:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yours are FAR more clever than someone else could do for you. Great job!

1:41 PM  
Blogger Vicky aka stichr said...

Those are perfect!!!!!!

3:59 PM  
Blogger Sheri said...

Cute I love the red shoes!

6:58 AM  

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