Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Consolation prize

This isn’t quilted, but it is patchwork.
I went shopping yesterday for a black bra, but could not find one without wires. Wires are so uncomfortable. I hate shopping. To console myself I grabbed this purse by Young Attitude, Lucky Brand. It is made of all different leather patches, some suede and some cowhide.

Maybe this counts as a quilt related post?

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Blogger Tanya Brown said...

It's patchwork! I'd say it counts. Very pretty.

Re: the undergarments, if you have a known style et cetera, I've had good experiences simply ordering them online.

Wires are the work of the devil. They inevitably creep out a bit, rub welts on one's anatomy, then pop out altogether and leave one slightly lopsided.

3:04 PM  
Blogger Del said...

You can usually pull the wires out and wear it wireless. That sounds like a joke! But I am serious, I did it a lot before I found a bra that works for me. I buy mine online at National (mostly for frumpy old ladies)
or 1-800-480-4673
The style that fits me won't do - I probably make two of you! Worth a try.

3:30 PM  
Blogger Christine Thresh said...

Tanya and Del,

I've ordered on line, but it seems when I find a bra that I really like the manufactures discontinue it. Do they say, "Christine bought a couple, it must be time to cut out that style." This has happened over and over again.

You can't really tell if you like the fit and endurance of a bra unless you wear it and wash it for a couple of months. Then, boom -- no more available. I can't figure it out.

5:58 PM  
Blogger Pieceful Afternoon said...

I agree - I stock up when I find one I like - and also - I take out the wires (sometimes more like torture bands). Cut the tiniest slit and pull the metal out - and the bras are nice and comfy.

Hope you find something you like.

8:13 PM  
Blogger jpsam said...

Cool purse!

9:00 PM  
Blogger meggie said...

I say it counts! I love patchwork leather.
I feel your pain, shopping for bras. I have blogged about it before!

10:41 PM  
Blogger sophie said...

Love the patchwork bag! Like you and everyone else, I've had the same bra buying experience . . . and have also been known to pull out the wires, though I currently am wearing a comfortable model with wires. Good luck with the hunt.

7:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doggone it, Christine, there ya go again! Findin' a totally artistic connection between fashion and quiltin'! I love--LOVE--the purse. (Maybe I'll look for THAT online....) And I just have to say thanks, but no thanks to wires!!

9:22 AM  
Blogger Karen Alexander said...

Saw the link to your blog on QHL. I love to see patchwork show up in its many forms. You can see a 1940s patchwork dress I recently found at an antique shop by visiting my blog Quilt History Reports. The web address is

I also got a kick out of the discussion about underwire bras. I'll never forget the first time the home of one of the members of the Bee I joined soon after moving to the island. We were all sitting up in her sewing room when someone finally asked her what those "weird half-moon things are hanging off your lamp?" She said they were the underwires she had pulled out of all her bras! We went into hysterics over the fact that she had saved so many over the years. But what a great idea to remove them! I now MUST pull them out. I am only 5'4 and 125 pounds but very short waisted. The older I got the more the underwires were interferring with where the food enters my stomach. When I finally began removing them, my stomach pain disappeared!

10:38 PM  

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