Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dry and Cold

When we arrived home from our Thanksgiving jaunt we saw J J Pump & Well Service’s truck parked in the lane. Mary was standing by the well. Robert asked what had happened. Mary said the well had stopped working so she called Jorge.

Thank goodness the well had not gone down on Thanksgiving day. Our little mutual water district serves 40 residences and Scout Hall (our community center). Scout Hall holds an annual Thanksgiving dinner for islanders. Robert is the volunteer president of our water district and Mary is the secretary. Robert keeps his ears attuned to the well’s sounds all the time. He can pick up odd noises and often can catch a potential problem before it gets out of hand.

Jorge did a temporary repair and will be coming back Monday with some new parts.

When we went inside our house it seemed a little cold. I turned up the heater. Cold air began blowing out of the registers. Robert checked the furnace and banged it a few times. He turned it on and off. Cold air kept blowing. I called Larry of Cypress Air (Larry’s wife Kim is my haircutter). He said he would come over to see what was going on. A few minutes later, the heater kicked on and warm air began flowing in. I called Larry back and we made an appointment for a complete furnace check on Monday.

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Blogger Vicky aka stichr said...

Think the water and the heat are trying to tell you something?

My mom keeps complaining about how cold she is, but the thermostat 'says' it's 70 degrees in here...My idea is to put my mom on stilts so she can reach the warmer air....

3:57 AM  

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