Sunday, October 16, 2011

My trip to PIQF 2011

I rode in style to the Pacific International Quilt Festival at the Santa Clara Convention Center last Friday.

My local quilt store, Queen B’s Quilt Shop in Antioch, chartered a big bus to take 56 of us there.
 The upholstery in the bus was interesting – not the usual industrial blue-gray.
 Del Thomas came up from Southern California for the Festival. I had hoped to meet her there, but she attended on Thursday and Saturday. We were ships passing in the night (really daytime). She took really good pictures of several of the quilts I liked best. So, go to Del’s Blog and see them. It was funny, we didn’t have any communication about the quilts and yet when I looked at her blog she had picked the same ones I had taken pictures of. Her photos are much better than mine.

I’ll just show three quilts that caught my eye. One was funny, another was puzzling, and the third one was special to me.

Linda Laird’s quilt made me laugh out loud. It’s called “My Mom Wasn’t Much of a Cook.” She is from San Diego, CA.

 The sign said:

“Many people have fond memories of their mother’s home-cooking. Well, what if your mother wasn’t much of a cook? Not poisonous or revolting meals, just not very daring or imaginative. This piece uses photos from 1950s – 1960s women’s magazines to show the “alternatives” available to mothers who didn’t quite measure up to the culinary ideals of the times.”
The sayings were fun to read. Click on the photo below to see them larger.

 The puzzling quilt was called “My Hard Life” by Felicia Horowitz.
 It was an ambitious piece. I kept looking at the gauzy bra-like thing and wondering what it was doing there. I called my cousin Sylvia over to see it. I said, “I wonder if it was put on to cover something.” Sylvia looked closely. We couldn’t touch the quilt. It was sewn on, but not with the tiny stitches that were used all over the rest of the quilt.
 I searched for a white-glove lady and had her come over and show me the back of the quilt. Sure enough the stitches holding the gauzy stuff were much larger and did not seem to be part of the original concept. I guess I’ll never know exactly what the intention was.

The third quilt is really lovely. It was made by Tanya Brown and is called “Siesta.”

 You really should click on the close-up photo to see the stitches. Amazing.
 My quilting daughter-in-law, Toni, lives in San Jose and she had gone to the Festival on the opening day – Thursday. Toni planned to go Friday too because you really can’t take in such a large show in one day. Our quilting cousin, Sylvia, drove down from Oakland. Toni brought her friend Carol and we all toured around together.

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Anonymous Tanya Brown said...

Argh! I missed a chance to meet you! I was there on Friday as well. I'm so glad you went to the show, though, and I hope it was enjoyable.

You're right - Linda Laird's quilt brings back those gastronomic horrors of the 60s, 70s, and perhaps 50s. I particularly remember a cookbook called "Joys of Jello," which contained a bewildering array of things to make with that substance. I think my father made all of them, and they all tasted the same.

I, too wondered about My Hard Life. The reclining figure didn't appear to be wearing underpants, so why burden her with a bra? Perhaps some self-censorship was involved. Can't have the people at the show, 98% of whom have breasts, be awakened to what they've been carrying around on their chests all of these years.

Thanks for having a look at Siesta. I really appreciate your kindness.

7:03 AM  
Blogger QuiltingFitzy said...

YEAH! You've connected me back with Tanya...I'd lost touch!

After living in San Jose awhile, I was spoiled by being able to attend PIQF. So now, I just live vicariously thru other visitors!

Thanks for your insight.

7:40 PM  
Blogger Collagemama said...

I am choking with laughter over "Mom Wasn't Much of a Cook". My mom got an E for effort. "Surprise if you like it," was her standard answer to "What's for supper?

6:10 PM  
Blogger BrendaLou said...

Christine this brought back memories. I was able to attend the first 8 or so PIQF but haven't been since...oh, the joys of owning a quilt shop! Takes all of your time. But I enjoyed seeing the quilts you (and your friend) displayed. PS--someone had her put the bra on....wonder who?

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Christine,
Glad you liked my apron quilt, I sure enjoyed making it!

Linda Laird

7:49 PM  
Blogger MissesStitches said...

I was there, too, Christine! And I enjoyed seeing your choices. I remember those quilts. "Siesta" was an incredible quilt, wasn't it.

12:39 PM  
Blogger Meggie said...

So glad to see Tanya's Siesta. She is a very talented artist.
Thankyou for sharing with us, who can't imagine ever having a chance to attend PIQF.

8:30 PM  
Blogger Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

What a fun trip - and interesting quilts. Maybe that extra fabric was for "modesty" - though that seems kind of silly these days.

I'm glad you had such a great time.

8:54 PM  

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