Monday, October 29, 2007

Comment on Scribbling

Shelina made a comment on my post, Scribbles All Over (October 22, 2007). She said, “Oh about the stippling, a few years ago, my LQS sent their stuff to be done by a quilter, and everything was stippled. I like the look, because it keeps the attention on the quilt itself. Now the quilter is more experienced, and the quilts reflect that. I generally try to choose the quilting pattern based on the quilt, but I really do like the look of stippling.”

I was not denigrating stipple quilting. I was expressing my opinion about what I call “scribble” quilting. You can click on the picture below and get more information from about machine quilting patterns. They call this one “meandering.” It is an all-over pattern that looks like “scribbling" to me.
Stippling is something else, I believe. It is used to fill in background areas of a quilt and flatten them out so other parts of the quilting stand out. Click on the picture below of stippling by Diane Gaudynski and it will lead you to beautiful examples of her machine quilting and her workshops.



Blogger Dorothy said...

What you call scribbling I'd call doodling. It has it's place, I've done it myself on quilts that just need to be held together by the quilting, rather than enhanced by it. Scribbling, to me, is more angular, erratic, and usually denser (think of a kid with a Sharpee and an expanse of clean dining room wall.) More along the lines of thread painting, but not quite so heavy. I've done that too, but more often for embellishment, rather that actual quilting,

Sometimes the piecing or the fabric need to speak on their own, and in that case, non-distracting quilting is just the ticket. Besides, it's fast. And gets the job done. I think it's over used, though. There are many quilts that could benefit so much from planned, deliberate quilting but their makers are unsure, or not confident enough in their ability that they fall back on what they know, just to "get it done."

That doesn't make meandered, or doodled. or scribbled quilts less than those with more planned quilting, it just, sometimes, makes them less than they could have been.

5:12 AM  
Blogger QuiltingFitzy said...

Stippling makes a quilt very stiff, I found out the hard way and pulled it all back out, UGH!

Now my machine quilting looks like this stippling, only on a larger scale, and I have to really pay attention or I get something that mimicks a pantograph with repeating patterns! Talk about anal!

I've never tried the scribble you've shown, mine would turn out too scribbly I'm afraid.

5:52 AM  
Blogger Shelina said...

I think I assumed that when you said scribbles, you were referring to any kind of all over design - whether you actually do stippling, or do all over hearts or leaves or what have you.
The scribbling would be fun in a playful quilt - one with kites for example, or an I Spy, but it is too casual for a more formal quilt.

We do have a tendency nowadays to overquilt and make the quilts too stiff to use.

7:25 AM  
Blogger meggie said...

I agree with you about the scribble. I tend to do little quilting- partly because it is very hard for me, but also, because for children, the quilts remain more cuddly if they are not over quilted.
As I have made a lot of applique style quilts, I find they dont need allover patterns. Perhaps that is a matter of taste, but my family & friends seem to like my less heavily quilted quilts.
I really do amdire Mary of Maryquilts, styles, & also many other styles of all over patterns, & feel they can be the making of 'plain' block quilts. Does that make sense??
I have probably babbled on!

9:04 PM  

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