Saturday, November 20, 2010

A new hook, but not hooked up yet

A replacement dough hook for my KitchenAid mixer arrived a few days ago. The packing slip noted that recipes prior to 1992 have to be adjusted for the newly designed hook. I can’t see much difference except the end of the new hook is more pointed than the old one (on the left). The slip said to “reduce the mixing times by approximately half.” I didn’t change the kneading time on the bread recipe I’m using and it turned out just fine.

I ordered a replacement hook because the coating was peeling off the old one. I looked up dough hooks on the web and came across warnings saying not to put coated hooks in the dishwasher. The new instructions do not have any cautions about dishwashers, but I’m going to hand-wash this one just as a precaution.

DSL still not hooked up

Thursday, a nice AT&T technician named Francis came to my house in the afternoon. He found that the main telephone line from the street to the house was faulty. He called a line repair person to check it out. So there were two AT&T trucks on the lane for a while.

Francis installed a new jack for the new DSL.
When it was ready to be activated he found that the switches at the AT&T office still needed to be configured. He called in and told them not turn off my old DSL line until Monday when the switches were sure to be fixed. In the meantime, I’m watching my new modem lights. When they all turn green and steady I am supposed to unplug the old modem and plug in the new one.
I hope this works.

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Blogger Piecefulafternoon said...

Interesting about the dough hooks - I go between hand washing and dishwasher, guess I'll stop the dishwasher use for them now.

Isn't it amazing with all that computers can do that it is so difficult to hook up the computer connection. Maybe they don't have computers in their office. LOL

6:12 PM  

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