Saturday, April 21, 2007

Is This Derivative of Stella?

There has been a discussion about the artist Frank Stella on the QuiltArt list. I did not know who Stella was. There is an upcoming auction at Christie's for a painting of his. The auction estimates are $900,000 to $1,200,000.
The auction link has a quilting reference."W.Scramble grows out of the high western art historical traditition, specifically abstraction, but has echoes in more humble endeavors such as American quilting with its purity of design and the design's ability to provide structure for individual variation and improvisation. Similar symbols and patterns have developed independently of one another across time and beyond borders, exceptional patterns and designs sublimate very specific meaning and yet also speak clearly across cultural divides. W. Scramble and the Housetop style quilt by the Gee's Bend artist Qunnie Pettway circa 1975...share this aesthetic verisimilitude. Both works communicate through their shared virtue of purity and simplicity."

I probably won't be bidding on Stella's painting.

I wonder if Christie's would be interested in my quilt? Perhaps they would dismiss it as an amateur attempt copying Frank Stella.

My work is a bra block from 2001.

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