Thursday, January 12, 2012

Waiting for my muse

This new year is off to a slow start. I keep thinking, “Any minute now I’m going to get inspired and get busy.” I’ve just been mucking around and I don’t have much to blog about. I’ve been reading. I read my old journals from 1979 through 1999.
 Talk about a story with no plot! I have a complete log of the weather, details of house cleaning, gardening, and good meals that Robert cooked. There were some highlights, of course, but they are not for publication. If my children ever read them they might be surprised. The journals start with our arrival on the island and starting the Bethel Island Beacon weekly newspaper. They skip six years (because you don’t need a journal when you have a newspaper) and start up again in 1990 when we sold the newspaper and opened our bookstore, the Island Book Galley. After that, they cover my years at the island levee district and my excitement discovering quilting – page after page after page about quilting. They stop abruptly in March, 1999. It was really strange to read the journals all in one sitting.
I’ve also read some books: Blood, Bones & Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton, Threadbare by Monica Ferris, Alpine Vengeance and Alpine Winter by Mary Daheim, The Table Comes First by Adam Gopnik. I’m reading The Obamas by Jodi Kantor right now (about 1/3 of the way through and nothing exciting so far).
 I’ve cooked some delicious things.
And I’m finally binding the little quilt pad. My daughter-in-law Toni quilted the hearts way back in October. I’m feeling a little guilty.

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Blogger Gerrie said...

I'm right there with you only I haven't read a book!!

5:45 PM  
Blogger Collagemama said...

Hmmmm. Reading twenty years of journals could be either a cure for insomnia or an epic motion picture screenplay, depending on the decades.

6:36 PM  
Blogger Del said...

So nice to have you back. I'll try dipping in to your books, but guess I'll have to just imagine your journals. The heart quilt is dear - nice color. Hope you will find time to Blog more soon. Love, Del
The secret word was "tubekjet" - cute

7:17 PM  
Blogger Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

Good to see you here. Your journals sound wonderful - how great to have all those memories recorded for your kids and grandkids.

Enjoy the days - don't worry about not quilting - you can join me in my quilt vacation, I'm on month 7 and enjoying every day of not quilting.

10:20 AM  
Blogger black bear cabin said...

i kept a journal for years, until i started blogging...then amazingly enough, i just sort of stopped picking up the journals :( im not sure i want jordyn to read mine either...back in my youth they were rather racy! :) As for the creative juices...they werent really flowing for me either, but then i let Jordyn pick out paints for her room, and now we are inspired to make and create for that. I even ordered some new fabrics to make a bento box quilt, pillows and a curtain...should be quick and simple to put together and now im starting to feel the creativity flowing! I hope inspiration strikes soon...but in the meantime, whats wrong with a good book! :) hugs~

9:10 PM  
Anonymous Tanya Brown said...

I heard a TED talk recently which in essence said that none of us want to admit that our lives are plotless messes, but that in fact is what they are. We look backward and try to impart a meaning or narrative after the fact.

I'm impressed that you kept journals for a twenty year stretch. I wish some of my loved ones had done that. Yes, some of it no doubt devolves down to soliloquies about gutter cleaning or making the 500th loaf of raisin bread, but it still draws one closer to the writer.

8:08 PM  

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