Thursday, December 09, 2010

In the neighborhood

Ron and Nancy’s cottage on our cross-street always has banners flying to mark seasons (and sometimes just for fun). They put their Santa banners up recently.

This large mysterious package is securely tied to a big pine tree in Judith’s yard. I wonder what in the world it is. I hope I am watching when she opens it.

The barrel collecting toys for island-area children is filling up at the Post Office.

I’m in for a treat this afternoon. I picked up Monica Ferris’s newest needlework mystery at the post office this morning. I’ll pour myself a cup of hot chocolate and snuggle up with Buttons & Bones for a while. I buy most of my books for reading on the Kindle, but some books I just must have in hardcover when they first come out. I have quite a stack of Ferris’s books and often re-read them. If you are interested in the series, start with the first one – Crewel World. Her detective, Betsy, is a mature woman and I enjoy her adventures and can relate to her. I don’t do needlework (except knitting) and it is not necessary for the enjoyment of these cozy mysteries. Needleworkers are fiber fondlers, just as quilters are.

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