Thursday, July 16, 2009

All squared away

I just looked up at our house corner and remembered that I had not reported on the repair. Our neighbor and licensed contractor friend, Troy Wise, repaired the corner for us.
It looks just fine now.
I felt it was not fair to skip the satisfactory ending to our tale of woe which I posted as Ripped off. The garbage company sent a very nice fellow to our house to sooth us. He picked up a copy of Troy’s estimate and assured us Oakley Disposal would handle the payment. All’s well that ends well in this case.

This leads me to today’s block which I call Squared Away. It uses folded fabric to represent the house siding. I’ve been wanting to make a block or quilt with folded fabric in it. This was my chance to experiment.
I drew lines for folding on the back of my white fabric.
I folded the fabric and pressed the folds. I ran a running stitch 1/8” from the edge to hold the folds in place. I used the folded fabric as patch #1 on my foundation when I put it together.
If you would like to make a 4-inch paper pieced Squared Away block (with or without the folded fabric), click on the small graphic below and you will find a foundation to print out for your use.

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